About Keiko | By Keiko Miyamori

By wrapping a tree in washi and creating a rubbing with handcrafted charcoal, I can capture the wood surface patterns. By using these tree rubbings to wrap various objects around us, a certain kind of unity is born, even if the trees are from varying locations or species.

I am conscious of all of the various surfaces that surround me. That is to say, surfaces are a clue into how I experience the world. I am conscious of the flimsy layer of existence I inhabit, between layers of time and space. At the same time, I visualize the transparent yet solid thickness around me, or the surprising speed of the countless waves that connect me. Eventually, my surfaces link with other surfaces and I become a part of the connection. This seeps deep into me, and I can feel the one connection.

I work with the fibers and translucency of washi, the smell of burning wood, and artificial, clear plastic. Recently, I collected pebbles and rubble from man-made objects. It may be a flimsy world, but we who cling to its surface are sure to be a part of something deeper.