Exhibitions | 2015
Surface of Being
April 23, 2015 – May 15, 2015

Gallery t TOHO Beads Style

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1. <Arizona Dream #3> 2014
Branch, stone, washi, charcoal, mixed media  13.7 (cm) x 19 (cm) x 2.8 (cm)

The Arizona Dream series was made from materials I collected during my trip to Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico in December 2013. Four stones and four branches were selected from each site. I then covered them with rubbing paper, which was also made from trees at each site (the location is written on the objects). I learned that "Four" is a meaningful number for the Native American people. During the trip I felt nature's vast scale and that time has various ideas, that philosophies are united between different locations and populations, and that human history and religious activities are ambiguously, both beautiful and ignominious. The branches and stones can be combined to form various shapes, including a pyramid.

2. <BOX_Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate Bar NIght Becomes Day> 2015
Used Box, tree bark, washi?charcoal, shell powder, Indigo, acrylic, goldleaf (23.75K) 15.3 (cm) x 7.5 (cm) x 1.8 (cm)

The subtitle of this work is “Night Becomes Day.” It is the same title I used for an artwork I created in 1998 of two chairs connected by a tree branch. The wood's surface is colored by a tree rubbing on washi paper and is tinted with Japanese indigo on one side. I normally don’t color objects laminated with tree rubbings but I wanted use the color blue to stress “change." A dark night becomes a bright morning, then a busy day returns to a peaceful night. The routine of our daily lives is established in these cycles and what may be considered an ephemeral event is also part of something eternal. I wanted to create an object that symbolized not only the daytoday surfaces in my life but also has connections to deeper, nonvisible layers of being.

3. <BOX_S.O.S> 2015
Used box, 17 tree branches, washi, charcoal, acrylic, shell powder, glodleaf(23.75K) 13 (cm) x 8 (cm) x 6 (cm)

S.O.S is a famous steel wool brand in the United States. It is for scrubbing things like burnt frying pans and barbecue grills. I used the package for this work. The inside of the box is gilded with goldleaf and 17 branches are stored in it. I found the branches walking around Central Park and on sidewalks throughout New York City. The branches were covered with treerubbed Japanese washi paper. To acquire the unique print, the washi paper was pressed against trees and rubbed with charcoal to trace the patterns. The trees used for the rubbings were from countries I visited in North and South America, Africa, Australia and Japan. The box appears to have a rough white surface. I painted the exterior white, except for the lettering, which was painted little by little so that it eventually became harder to see. Also, the rectangular shape of the box was made more conspicuous. However, upon a closer look, the outline of the letters on the white background is visible.

4. <Shadows of the cloud> 2015
Tracing paper, acrylic, color pecil 9 (cm) x 13.4 (cm)

I was watching the shadows of the cloud on the wall at the building from the window of my art studio. The shape changed by followed the surface of the building, I drew it, because it was very interesting to see the dramatical changings spread front on the solid structure building. The shadows represented as if the cloud had a solid visible body. I wonder the various surfaces that I see, has a similar matter of this experience.