Exhibitions | 2009
In conversation with the Oracle: Birdcage Without Roof” series, and “Tree Rubbing With Corn”
August 27, 2009 – September 17, 2009

The Center for Emerging Visual Artists
1521 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: (215)-546-7775

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Info of this Installation
Medium : Washi, Charcoal, Corn, Birdcage, Clear Resin, Wire
Birdcage Without Roof #1 - 21”(w) x 20.5”(d) x 35”(h)
Tree Rubbing With Corn #1 - 21” (diameter) x 2”(d)
Tree Rubbing With Corn #2” - 45” (diameter) x 2”(d)

Concept of “Birdcages Without Roof”

Miyamori will show several birdcages. None of the cages will have a roof or bars covering the top. This is to allow the birds to leave and the rest of the world to enter. Each birdcage has a crystal clear bottom made of a cast acrylic and embedded with bird seeds. The cages are covered with the tree rubbing paper to create a similar surface on each one. The audience will be able to walk around the birdcages viewing them from several different angles.

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