Exhibitions | 2008
Transplant: Tsunagu-Kabe
November 7, 2008 – January 16, 2009

Asian Art Initiative
1219 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 557-0455
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Info of this Installation
Medium : Bricks, metals, glass from Miyamori’s sculpture CityRoot, exchanged objects, swaps from people who contributed to this project, plastic boxes on shelf
Installation size variable

Concept of “Tsunagu-Kabe”

"This wall doesn't partition space. It connects space. Because each part of the wall comes from different places, it connects here and elsewhere."

In Japanese, "TSUNAGU" means "Connection" and "KABE" means "Wall". Hence, "TSUNAGU KABE" is a wall for connection.

Keiko found an amazing tree root in the city of Philadelphia in the United States, the spring of year 2001. It was the root of a large oak tree, almost 7 feet across in diameter, and was uprooted and discarded with other construction debris. This root contained many pieces of bricks, glass and metals in it. It was striking that the tree was still growing strongly under the soil, despite all the objects it had to overcome. This tree root functioned as a metaphor for the energy in a city: the life of a tree in a city and the life of a city in a tree.

Thousands of the brick fragments that were enmeshed in the root, are now stored in small plastic cases in my studio. I plan to distribute these brick pieces to the people who live in the different cities, and in return, I like to ask them to send me some "fragments of the city" as an exchange. Then with these fragments, I plan to construct a wall. This wall divides nothing. Rather it connects – it connects city and nature, nature and human, here and there, here and elsewhere.

I began this project in 2004 on my website.