May 31-June 7, 2001 | Philadelphia Citypaper [mix picks]
Under the Influence
By Michael Pelusi

Carole Sivin's clay and paper sculptures of rocks and flowers, inspired by Chinese and Japanese poetry, are on display at her "Connections" show at Nexus Gallery through June 24. On Sunday, the homage is returned, in a way. Japanese artist Keiko Miyamori, who is currently exhibiting "Typewriter – Energy," will engineer a "lyrical tribute" to Sivin's show: Miyamori will set loose the seven typewriters, each adorned with charcoal rubbings from trees, of her show on local poets, who will improvise on them and then read the results. Miyamori's intention is for the newly created poetry to inspire more images, in what she calls a "world of imaginative infinity." The spirit, and circle, of inspiration continues.