February 13, 2004 | philly.com
Harmony of Spheres
By Edward J. Sozanski, Inquirer Art Critic

Keiko Miyamori's installation in the second-floor community gallery at Nexus expresses natural harmony serenely. One feels this instinctively, even before examining its individual parts.

Yet even after a thorough visual dissection, it's not clear why this environment feels so comforting. Perhaps it's because it's so smoothly integrated visually, even though at first the elements seem arbitrarily unrelated.

Seven tiny rubbings on paper of tree bark - the artist seems to connect emotionally with trees - made in different parts of the city are hung over small wood shelves. Each shelf holds a harmonica onto which Miyamori has pasted a bark image.

Two piano keyboards are mounted on opposite walls. Between them, in the center of the room, sits a large, water-filled prism of clear plastic, which projects rainbow streaks of color over and under the keyboards.

Harmony among the parts, as well as the explicit references to music, implicitly draws together natural and human spheres. The viewer isn't obliged to do anything but stand quietly and absorb this vaguely spiritual ambience.

Nexus, 137 N. Second St. noon to 6 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays. Through Feb. 28. 215-629-1103 or www.nexusphiladelphia.org.