February 22, 2004 | artsjournal.com [Artopia – John Perreault's Art Diary]
ARTOPIA John Perreault's Art Diary
By John Perreault

Very beautiful and slightly strange too – strange is good – are Keiko Miyamori's tree rubbings at the Community Gallery, Nexus Foundation (137 N. 2nd St., to Feb. 28).

Each framed rubbing is titled after the Philadelphia location of the tree involved. Beneath each, for this incarnation, is a little shelf with a harmonica covered with a similar rubbing. Two keyboards on opposite sides of the room and a prism at the center complete the installation, but it is the rubbings that are most winning and could indeed stand very poetically on their own.

Nexus, 137 N. Second St. noon to 6 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays. Through Feb. 28. 215-629-1103 or www.artopia.com.