June 2002 | Around Philly.com
Beyond the Muse
By R.B. Strauss

"This work explores the relationship between permanence and the ephemeral, even when the fleeting moments are well over two hundred years an more, while the permanence is less than half that. The permanence is one's lifetime, and how it remains carried through memory. The ephemeral transience is grounded in the fact that no one and nothing is immortal on a material plane."

"On a basic material level, the installation consists of a massive tree stump cut off close to ground level so that it is mainly a tangled mass of roots. Adjacent is a pile of bricks, glass and metal that was embedded in the roots as well as gathered from the site where the tree was felled – the yard of a house fallen victim to time. Above both is a prism that refracts the sun's rays as the orb moves across the sky. Finally, there is a swing – which is where the interactive part come in – as you are encouraged to shed years and return to when your lives were simple and unencumbered by life's pressures and stray vagaries. "IMAGINA" allows your thoughts to reflect on where city and nature intersect, and also when youth implied immortality."